Howto Reset vROPS 7.0 Admin Password Via Command Line

Reset vROPS 7.0 Admin Password

How to reset VROPS 7.0 admin password when you have not configured password recovery options?

Recently I have installed/configured vRealize Operation Manager in our infrastructure (You can check Install vRealize Operations Manager Post). When I have installed it was quite late and I left after post configuration. Next day when I came back to the office and wanted to add vCenter Adapter, but the password I configured post configuration is was not working.

To reset the admin password you can use the password recovery settings (in admin portal) but I missed to configure it (another bad luck). Now the only option left was to figure out a way to reset the password via command line. In this article, I will explain how to reset the admin password of vROPS using the command line (SSH).

Steps to Reset Admin Password

1) Enable SSH:- Before you connect to vROPS server via SSH make sure that you have enabled SSH Service for Master Server from vROPS Admin Portal. Login to Admin Portal >> System Status >> Make sure that SSH for Node is enabled as shown below (or just enable it).

Figure 1: Enable SSH for the Node

2) Login to Server:- Connect to Master server via SSH using Putty or any other SSH client, make sure you login using root credentials.

Figure 2: Login to Server

3) Reset Password: Now execute the below command (from $) as root. It will ask for new password.

# $VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN $VCOPS_BASE/../vmware-vcopssuite/utilities/sliceConfiguration/bin/ --reset 
Figure 3: Reset Admin Password

4) Now try to login into vROPS using the admin password you have just reset.

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